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Collar Full Sleeves

Premium 240 Bio


Rs.340 Onwards

  • Compacted Pre-Shrunk, Silicon Washed
  • Double Needs Stitch On Shoulder, Sleeves,
  • Having Side Slits On The Bottom Hem
  • 3 Button Placket With Dyed To Match Buttons
  • Color Fastness Guaranteed
  • Men & Women
  • Sizes : S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL,4XL
  • Custom Pattern Min 50pcs
    • True Navy
    • White
    • Lemon
    • Semi White
    • Beige
    • Green
    • Purple
    • Pista
    • Dark Green
    • Light Green
    • Rama Green
    • Black
    • Sky Blue
    • Orange
    • Aqua
    • Royal Blue
    • Red
    • Grey
    • Maroon
    • White Grey
    • Golden
    • Turquoise
    • Crimson
    • Teal
    • Brown
    • Pink
    • Charcoal
    • Andhra Melange
    • Olive Green
    • Coral
    • Light Pink

For Colors other than shown here we need min 50pcs


Tee Labs recognizes the value of stylish yet custom t shirts that is both comfortable and adaptable. Presenting our exquisite line of Polo Full Sleeves T Shirts, created to provide unparalleled comfort and classic style to your casual ensemble. Our Polo Full Sleeves T Shirts, which are made from premium materials and expertly crafted, are the ideal fusion of traditional style and contemporary sensibility.

Craftsmanship and Quality:

Premium Materials:

The finest materials are used in the creation of our Polo Full Sleeves T Shirts, guaranteeing outstanding softness, durability, and breathability. Our t shirts are perfect for daily wear because of their exceptional comfort and moisture wicking qualities, which come from blend of premium cotton and polyester.

Expert Tailoring:

Every Polo Full Sleeves T Shirt is painstakingly made to offer comfortable, elegant, and flattering fit. Our t shirts are made with care, paying attention to every stitch, to give them professional appearance that works for every setting.

Timeless Style:

Classic Polo Design:

Our Polo Full Sleeves T Shirts offer timeless style that never goes out of fashion with its full sleeves and traditional polo collar. These t shirts are sure to make statement, whether you dressed up for laid back evening or lounging around the house.

Versatile Colors:

Select from variety of adaptable hues to fit your own sense of fashion and personal taste. We provide for everyone, from striking colors like red and green to traditional neutrals like black, white, and navy.

Versatility for Every Occasion:

Casual Wear:

Our Polo Full Sleeves T Shirts look effortlessly put together with jeans or chinos, making them ideal for weekend excursions, running errands, or informal get togethers with friends.

Layering Options:

For extra comfort and style in the chilly months, tuck our Polo Full Sleeves T Shirts under jacket or sweater. It is simple to create effortless layered outfits that are both functional and stylish to the designs versatility.

Why Choose Tee Labs For Polo Full Sleeve T Shirts:

Quality Assurance:

Tee Labs dedicated to providing the best Polo Full Sleeves T Shirts. Every item of clothing we produce made to our exacting standards of quality, starting with the materials we utilize and ending with the craftsmanship of our t shirts.

Expert Design Consultation:

Uncertain about the color or size to select? Our knowledgeable design staff is here to help. We’ll work closely with you to find the ideal Polo Full Sleeves T Shirt, whether you need help with sizing, color choices, or styling tips.

Customization Flexibility:

With our Polo Full Sleeves T Shirts, you can add stylish, comfortable, and versatile touch to your casual outfit. These t shirts are going to become wardrobe mainstay, whether you dressed up for laid back evening or lounging around the house. Get yours now to experience the Tee Labs distinction!

Exceptional Customer Support:

At Tee Labs, client happiness is our first priority. From design selection to post-purchase support, our committed team offers individualized assistance to ensure smooth and pleasurable shopping experience.

Commitment to Sustainability:

We determined to have less of an influence on the environment. Tee Labs places high priority on environmentally responsible material procurement, waste minimization, and sustainable methods throughout the manufacturing process.

Fast and Reliable Service:

Do you require your Polo Full Sleeves T Shirts quickly? In order to guarantee that you receive your t shirts on time, Tee Labs offers quick turnaround times. You may be sure that your t shirts will delivered on time and with promptness to our effective production procedure.

Affordable Pricing:

Tee Labs offers excellent quality Polo Full Sleeves T Shirts at affordable costs. Our goal is to provide outstanding value for money, enabling everyone to afford premium clothing.

Create Style with Polo Full Sleeves T Shirts from Tee Labs:

With our Polo Full Sleeves T Shirts, you can add stylish, comfortable, and versatile touch to your casual outfit. These t shirts are going to become wardrobe mainstay, whether you dressed up for laid back evening or lounging around the house. 

The Polo Full Sleeves T Shirts from Tee Labs will enhance your wardrobe. Tee Labs is your go-to place for high end clothing because of its unrivaled quality assurance, wide range of design options, flexibility in customisation, quick and dependable service, outstanding customer support, dedication to sustainability, and reasonable prices. Whether you are looking for adaptable wardrobe essentials, layering for cooler weather, or dressing for casual events, our Polo Full Sleeves T Shirts provide classic style, comfort, and longevity. Discover the Tee Labs distinction now, and confidently up your style ante. Order today to enter world of unmatched elegance and excellence. Get yours now to experience the Tee Labs distinction!

Qus : Which print is best for cotton t shirt?

Ans : The ideal printing technique for cotton T shirts relies on number of variables, including the designs complexity, required durability, and cost. Because of its long lasting nature and brilliant color output, screen printing is typically regarded as one of the greatest choices for cotton T shirts. Cotton textiles work well for screen printing, which produces durable prints that dont fade or crack after several washings. Furthermore, screen printing works well for both straightforward and complex designs and permits exact color matching. However, digital printing, also known as direct-to-garment printing, may be better choice for smaller numbers or intricate patterns because it can print in full color without the use of screens, making it more affordable for shorter print runs. 

Qus : What is the cheapest type of t shirt printing?

Ans : The amount of t shirts, the designs complexity, and the desired print quality are some of the variables that can affect the least expensive form of T shirt printing. In general, screen printing is the most economical choice when producing big quantities of t shirts with straightforward patterns. For each color in the pattern, stencil made, and ink is then applied through the screens onto the t shirt to produce screen printing. Bulk orders benefit greatly from the comparatively low cost of printing after the screens developed. However, because heat transfer and vinyl printing involve less setup time and equipment, they could be more cost-effective for smaller quantities or designs with precise features and many colors. 

Qus : Which quality t shirt is best?

Ans : A T shirts construction, overall durability, and fabric composition are just few of the aspects that must taken into account when determining its optimum quality. Because of their softness, breathability, and durability, T shirts manufactured from premium cotton, like combed or ring spun cotton, are typically seen to be the greatest option. Furthermore, T shirts with heavier fabric weight or higher thread count typically offer better durability and resistance to abrasion. Individual preferences could differ, though, so while choosing the greatest quality T shirt for given purpose, it is also important to take into account elements like fit, style, and intended use. In the end, the highest caliber T shirt is one that satisfies the wearers demands and endures over time by combining excellent materials, structure, and comfort.

Qus : Which GSM cloth is best for T shirt?

Ans : For T shirts, the ideal fabric GSM (grams per square meter) usually falls between 150 and 200 GSM. This weight provides fabric that is strong enough to resist normal wear and tear while still being breathable and pleasant against the skin, striking balance between comfort and durability. T shirts with GSM of approximately 180 are frequently favored due to their ideal weight, which provides decent mix between breathability and thickness. The optimal GSM, however, could change based on persons preferences, the weather, and how the T shirt will used. In the end, selecting the ideal GSM fabric for T shirt requires taking into account elements including the fabrics composition, the intended function, and personal comfort preferences.

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240 GSM



Fabric Finishing







Contrast collar, Arm rib, Pocket /any customizations & Tipping : Min 100pcs

Branding Options

Screen Printing, Embroidery, DTG Printing



Size Chart

mens fullsleeves size chart pro