We believe that price is a matter without compromising the cloths quality. Tell us your cloths requirements, we will process your order on time with quality. Large quantity to small quantity from top garments factory and clothing manufacturer wholesale supplier around the glob. Import & get made in India apparels like pants, polo shirt, plain t shirts, solid t shirt , work wear, work uniform, Hoodies & Sweatshirts , team uniform, Inner Wear, school uniform, kids wear, shorts, winter clothing, printed tee and undergarments from top garments maker industry in India.

Among a lot of garments clothing manufacturing factories Teelabs is one of the reliable clothing manufacturer. We did good job in last 10 years. We need expert garments workers for our factory and highest technological instruments as well as safe working place where workers will able to remain sure that they are working in a safe place where have not any risk to loss their lives”. The owner of BD wear factory is committed to provide the maximum wages to their workers as well as highest facilities. He also think that is not very far achieving to earn in such amount of money if we remain committed to keep this sector clean and out of violence, particularly from clothing manufacturing sectors.


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