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John Jr 220 PC

220 GSM


Rs.230 Onwards

  • Sizes : S,M,L,XL,XXL
  • 3 Button Placket With Dyed To Match Buttons
  • Color Fastness Guaranteed On Strict Wash Care
  • Contrast Collar, Arm Rib, Pocket / Any Alterations :
  • Women T-shirts Min 30pcs
  • Collar Tipping : Min 100 pcs
    • True Navy
    • White
    • Lemon
    • White Grey
    • Maroon
    • Black
    • Sky Blue
    • Grey
    • Royal Blue
    • Red
    • Ivory

For Colors other than shown here we need min 100pcs (+/-10pcs)


Welcome to Tee Labs. It’s your destination for custom polo T shirts. They combine style, comfort, and personalization. We craft our polo t shirts with close attention to detail. This ensures you get a garment that looks great and reflects your identity. Tee Labs has the perfect solution for your custom polo t shirt needs. They can outfit your team, promote your brand, or express your individuality.

Craftsmanship and Quality:

Premium Materials:

We uses only the best materials for our custom polo t shirts. They ensure a high level of comfort and durability. We offer soft cotton blends. We also offer moisture-wicking performance fabrics. We have a variety to suit your preferences and needs.

Expert Craftsmanship:

We craft our polo t shirts with expert precision and attention to detail. Every stitch is careful placed from the collar to the cuffs. They ensure a garment that looks great and lasts.

Unlimited Customization Options:

Design Freedom:

Tee Labs believe that your custom polo t shirt should be as unique as you are. That’s why we offer unlimited customization options. They let you create a shirt that true reflects your style and personality.

Logo and Branding:

You may want to promote your business or organization. Tee Labs makes it easy to add your logo or branding to your polo t shirts. You can choose high-quality embroidery and printing options. They will make your logo look great and leave a lasting impression.

Endless Possibilities:

Team Uniforms:

Outfit your team in style with custom polo t shirts from Tee Labs. There is a wide selection of colors and styles. You can use them to make a unified and pro look that sets your team apart.

Promotional Merchandise:

Looking for a unique way to promote your brand or event? Tee Labs polo t shirts make the perfect promotional merchandise. Your logo or branding will be front and center on the t shirts. Everyone who sees them will be left with a lasting impression.

Why Choose Tee Labs:

Unrivaled Quality Assurance:

TeeLabs commits to delivering custom polo t shirts of the highest quality. Our strict quality process ensures that every t shirt meets our high standards. The standards are for craftsmanship, durability, and comfort. With Tee Labs, you can trust that you’re getting a product that’s built to last.

Expert Design Assistance:

Not sure where to start with your polo t shirt design? Our team of expert designers is here to help. We’ll walk you through each step of the design procedure. This includes picking the right colors and placing your logo.

Customization Flexibility:

We help make customization easy and hassle-free. That’s why we offer many customization options. They let you create a shirt that’s unique yours. There are countless options available, ranging from screen printing to embroidery.

Fast Turnaround Times:

Need your polo t shirts in a hurry? No problem! Tee Labs offers fast turnaround times to ensure that you get your t shirts when you need them. Whether you have a tight deadline or just can’t wait to show off your new t shirts, we’ll work quick to get them to you.

Exceptional Customer Service:

Your satisfaction is our top priority at Tee Labs. We have a helpful customer support team available to assist you with your inquiries. They will ensure that your experience with us is exceptional. We are available to help you at every stage.

Choose Tee Labs for your custom polo shirt needs. See the difference that quality, expertise, and great service can make.

Create Your Custom Polo T Shirts Today:

Easy Online Ordering:

Ordering your polo t shirts from Tee Labs is easy. Choose your shirt style. Then, pick your options and order online.

Quick Delivery:

With Tee Labs, you won’t have to wait long to receive your custom polo t shirts. Our quick delivery ensures that you’ll have your t shirts in hand when you need them.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

We’re confident that you’ll love your custom polo t shirts from Tee Labs. We will, however, put things right if you’re not entirely satisfied for any reason.

Elevate Your Style with Tee Labs Custom Polo T Shirts

Tee Labs offers a wide range of polo t shirts that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you might be looking to outfit your team, promote your brand, or show your style, our polo t shirts are sure to impress. Furthermore, Tee Labs has premium materials, expert craftsmanship, and endless options for customization. As a result, it is your go-to for custom polo t shirts. In conclusion, order yours today and elevate your style with Tee Labs.

Further Queries
Qus : Why do people buy custom t shirts?

Ans : People buy custom T shirts for many reasons. These include personal expression, branding, group identity, and promotion. For personal expression, custom T shirts allow individuals to show their unique style. They can do this with custom designs, slogans, or graphics. Additionally, businesses and groups use custom T shirts for branding. They use them to promote their logo, message, or event. Furthermore, groups like sports teams, clubs, and organizations often buy custom T shirts to foster unity and identity among members. Also, custom T shirts are popular promotional items. People use them at events, trade shows, and fundraisers. They serve as tangible reminders of brands or causes. In addition, people like custom T shirts because they show individuality and promote unity. Lastly, they also work as effective marketing tools.

Qus : Why is t shirt design important?

Ans : T shirt design is crucial. First, it conveys messages and shows individuality. Additionally, it makes a lasting impression. Moreover, the design of a T shirt shows one’s personality, interests, and affiliations. Furthermore, it lets individuals showcase their unique style and identity. In business, T shirt design is key for branding and marketing. Not only does it help establish brand identity, but it also shows brand values. Furthermore, it distinguishes a brand from rivals. A good T shirt can attract attention. It can also spark conversation and leave a strong impression on viewers. Additionally, T shirt design affects purchases. For example, attractive designs draw consumers. Overall, the importance of T shirt design lies in its ability to convey messages. Additionally, it creates connections and evokes emotions. Ultimately, this makes it a powerful tool for self-expression, branding, and communication.

Qus : Why are custom t shirts so expensive?

Ans : Custom t shirts can cost more than mass-produced t shirts. However, this is due to factors that add to their production costs. For example, custom t shirts need individualized attention and specialized craftsmanship, which contributes to their higher cost. Additionally, custom t shirts have smaller production runs, meaning they don’t enjoy the economies of scale in large-scale manufacturing. Moreover, premium materials and personalization options raise the cost of custom t shirts. Extra features like embroidery or special printing also contribute to the higher price. Furthermore, the overhead costs of running a custom t shirt business, such as design consultations, order processing, and customer service, add to the overall price. Despite the higher cost, custom t shirts offer unique designs, better quality, and personalized experiences, which can justify the expense for many consumers.

Qus : Are custom t shirts legal?

Ans : Yes, custom T shirts are legal as long as they adhere to copyright and trademark laws. Additionally, when making T shirts, it’s key to ensure that designs, logos, or images are original. Otherwise, the owner must give permission for their use. Unauthorized use of trademarked or copyrighted content may result in legal problems. These problems include claims of infringement and potential penalties. Furthermore, some designs or images may have specific usage guidelines or licensing agreements. This further shows the importance of getting appropriate permissions. In conclusion, custom T shirts can be legal made and sold as long as they follow copyright laws and respect the rights of creators and owners.

Additional information


220 GSM


60/40 Polycotton

Fabric Finishing

Airtex knit, 60/40 Polycotto




S, M, L, XL, XXL


Contrast collar, Arm rib, Pocket /any customizations & Tipping : Min 100pcs

Branding Options

Screen Printing, Embroidery, DTG Printing



Size Chart

mens polo size chart pro