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Women’s Premium 240 Bio

Premium 240 Bio


Rs.280 Onwards

  • Compacted Pre-Shrunk, Silicon Washed
  • Double Needs Stitch On Shoulder, Sleeves
  • Having Side Slits On The Bottom Hem
  • 3 Button Placket With Dyed To Match Buttons
  • Color Fastness Guaranteed
  • Women T-Shits
  • Sizes : S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL,4XL
  • Custom Pattern Min 30pcs
    • True Navy
    • White
    • Lemon
    • Semi White
    • Beige
    • Green
    • Purple
    • Pista
    • Dark Green
    • Light Green
    • Rama Green
    • Black
    • Sky Blue
    • Orange
    • Aqua
    • Royal Blue
    • Red
    • Grey
    • Maroon
    • White Grey
    • Golden
    • Turquoise
    • Crimson
    • Teal
    • Brown
    • Pink
    • Dark Grey
    • Andhra Melange
    • Olive Green
    • Coral
    • Light Pink

For Colors other than shown here we need min 30pcs


Welcome to Tee Labs, where our collections of women polo t shirts combines comfort and style. Our polo t shirts, which are made to be sophisticated and versatile, are the ideal addition to any wardrobe, providing classic yet modern style that goes with every season. You can count on Tee Labs to deliver unmatched quality, flawless craftsmanship, and one of kind touches that will completely transform your look.

Popularity and Fashion Trends:

Women polo t shirts have long been wardrobe essentials because of their timeless yet athletic style. Women polo t shirts have been increasingly fashionable in recent years, showing up on the catwalks of leading design companies and in street style looks all over the world. Polo t shirts are flexible and effortlessly stylish choice for any event, from laid back weekend excursions to business casual dress. Fashion forward ladies are embracing polo t shirts adaptability and effortlessly blending them into their regular outfits.

Features For Women Polo T Shirts:

Premium Fabrics:

For our women polo t shirts, Tee Labs chooses only the best t shirts, guaranteeing smooth and opulent sensation against your skin. Our polo t shirts are made from premium materials such blends of cotton and polyester, which provide comfort and durability that holds up well over time.

Flattering Fits:

Our polo t shirts have fitted cut that enhances the female form without compromising comfort. You are sure to find the ideal polo t shirt to complement your body type and sense of style, with selections ranging from relaxed to slim fit styles.

Stylish Details:

The fashionable touches on our polo t shirts, such as the embroidered logos, button plackets, and ribbed cuffs, will elevate your style. Our polo t shirts are wardrobe staple because of these understated details that give your look touch of class and refinement.

Easy Care:

Tee Labs makes polo t shirts that are easy to wear and maintain. Our women polo t shirts are minimal maintenance and ready to wear whenever you need them because they are machine washable and resistant to wrinkles.

Ethical Production:

Tee Labs is dedicated to using ecological and moral production methods. Responsible manufacturing ensures fair labor methods and little environmental impact in the production of our polo t shirts.

Customization Options:

At Tee Labs, we support our clients in expressing their individuality via style. Because of this, large selection of our polo t shirts are customizable, letting you select from an array of colors, images, and text choices to create unique design that expresses your individuality and personality.

Why Choose Tee Labs For Women Polo T Shirts:


Tee Labs is dedicated to offering women the best polo t shirts possible. Our polo t shirts are made with high quality materials and painstaking craftsmanship to last lifetime and beyond your expectations.


Tee Labs dedicated to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Since large number of our women polo t shirts are compose of eco friendly materials, you can shop with assurance knowing that you are helping the environment.

Fast and Reliable Shipping:

Tee Labs provides quick and dependable shipping since we know you are eager to get your new polo t shirt. Remain calm and unwind while we make sure your order gets to you on time so you can get started wearing your new polo t shirts essential right away.

Fast Shipping:

Enjoy dependable and quick shipping when you use Tee Labs. We work hard to deliver your order to you as soon as possible so you can immediately begin wearing your new polo t shirts.

Exceptional Customer Service:

Our top priority at Tee Labs is our clients. Our committed staff is available to help with any queries or worries you may have, making sure your shopping experience is flawless from beginning to end.

Affordable Pricing:

Tee Labs provides reasonably priced women polo t shirts of superior quality. Savor exquisite design and craftsmanship without going over budget.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

We guarantee the caliber of our offerings. We will collaborate with you to resolve any issues if your purchase does not meet your expectations entirely.

Tee Labs Women Polo T Shirts offer exceptional comfort, style, and adaptability for any situation. When it comes to polo t shirts, choose Tee Labs and discover the difference that quality makes.

How to Get Started:

Browse Our Collection:

Start by perusing our vast assortment of women polo t shirts. Tee Labs has wide variety of styles to fit every taste and choice, ranging from traditional solid colors to contemporary prints and patterns.

Customize Your Design:

It is time to personalize that ideal polo t shirt our found. You may add your own text, graphics, and color choices to your t shirt by using our easy to use online design tools.

Place Your Order:

Just add it to your basket and check out when you are happy with your design. You can shop with confidence knowing that your custom polo t shirt will be deliver to your doorstep quickly thanks to our secure payment method and quick shipping.

Enjoy Your New Polo T Shirt:

While we get your t shirts ready for shipping, please kick back and unwind. You’ll be wearing your chic and cozy Tee Labs women polo t shirts in no time.

Elevate Your Style With Women Polo T Shirts:

Women polo t shirts from Tee Labs can help you update your wardrobe. Our customisable options, fashionable designs, and superior quality make our polo t shirts the ideal combination of comfort and style. With Tee Labs Women Polo T Shirts, you may dress to impress.  Tee Labs offers an array of polo t shirts that are ideal for every occasion, be it professional or informal, to fit your style and preferences. In addition, you can shop with confidence knowing that you are getting high quality product and satisfying shopping experience to our dedication to moral production methods and first rate customer service. When it comes to quality and customisation, choose Tee Labs for your next polo t shirt purchase and see the difference that can be made.

Qus : What is polo t shirt for women?

Ans : A polo t shirt for women is versatile and stylish garment that combines the casual comfort of t shirt with the polished look of collared t shirt. Characterized by its short sleeves, ribbed collar, and buttoned placket, the women polo t shirt known for its sporty yet sophisticated aesthetic. Originally designed for athletes participating in polo matches, the polo t shirt has since become wardrobe staple for women of all ages and lifestyles. It offers comfortable and breathable option for everyday wear, while its classic design makes it suitable for both casual and semi formal occasions. With its timeless appeal and functional features, the women polo t shirt is versatile piece that adds touch of elegance to any outfit.

Qus : Why is polo t shirt so expensive?

Ans : Polo t shirts are frequently more expensive for variety of reasons. First off, the cost of polo t shirt can be greatly influenced by the quality of the materials used to make it. Higher end textiles, such performance mixes or premium cotton, are typically more expensive. The polo t shirt build and craftsmanship might also affect its cost, particularly if it created with longevity and attention to detail. Prestige and exclusivity of the brand also matter; well known designer labels or limited edition products may fetch higher costs because of their perceived worth. Finally, polo t shirt price can be affect by other elements, such as personalization possibilities, unique features, and ethical production methods, giving the impression that it is more costly than mass produced counterparts.

Qus : Is it OK to wear polo t shirts?

Ans : Yes, wearing polo t shirts in variety of circumstances is quite fine. Polo t shirts are appropriate for variety of events since they achieve balance between casual and formal wear. Their ability to combine comfort and flair without compromising refinement makes them popular option for semi casual events as well as leisure activities. Polo t shirts offer versatile alternative that may be dress up or down to suit the occasion, whether you are enjoying outdoor activities, heading to work on casual Friday, or attending casual gathering with friends. Polo t shirts are go to option for daily wear because of its classic style and broad appeal, which have made them wardrobe mainstay for many people.

Qus : What is the difference between male and female polos?

Ans : The fit and design elements of polo t shirts are usually where men and women variances are most noticeable. The standard male body type is reflect in the larger shoulders and straighter silhouette of male polo t shirts. Female polo t shirts, on the other hand, have more fitting design and narrower shoulders to better match the feminine body curves. In addition, to accommodate varying tastes and fashion trends, male and female polo t shirts may have distinct design aspects, such as neckline styles, sleeve lengths, and color selections. Overall, polo t shirts for men and women have comparable features, but the little variations in fit and style accommodate the particular requirements and tastes of each gender.

Additional information


240 GSM



Fabric Finishing







Contrast collar, Arm rib, Pocket /any customizations & Tipping : Min 100pcs

Branding Options

Screen Printing, Embroidery, DTG Printing



Size Chart

womens polo size chart pro