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Maternity T Shirt

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Welcome to Tee Labs, where our specialty is making custom maternity t shirts that are stylish and comfortable while celebrating the experience of parenthood. Our carefully designed maternity t shirts provide expectant moms the ideal fusion of trendy styles and practicality. Tee Labs offers custom maternity t shirts that are perfect for showing off your individual style or as a kind present for a friend or relative who is expecting.

Popularity and Fashion Trends:

Expectant women who want to celebrate their pregnancy in style and show off their personality are increasingly turning to custom maternity t shirts. Maternity t shirts give soon to be mothers a platform to express their individuality and joy to the world. They can have anything from humorous slogans and adorable images to sophisticated patterns and personalized inscriptions. Custom maternity t shirts have become a must have staple for pregnant women looking for comfort, adaptability, and self expression during this unique time in their lives as fashion trends continue to embrace inclusivity and diversity.

Features For Custom Maternity T Shirts:

Comfortable Fabrics: 

Tee Labs puts an emphasis on comfort by utilizing supple, breathable materials that adapt to the shifting contours of a pregnant woman body.

Tailored Fit: 

Expectant mothers comfort is our top priority while designing our custom maternity t shirts. Our t shirts, which made of soft, flexible materials, fit beautifully and comfortably, giving growing baby bumps room to grow and allowing maximum range of motion.

Stylish Designs: 

For our pregnant t shirts, Tee Labs provides a wide selection of fashionable patterns and personalization choices. You may design a pregnancy t shirt that complements your individual style and commemorates your path to motherhood, using everything from whimsical prints and enjoyable visuals to sophisticated typography and customized phrases.


You can take full advantage of this unique moment by wearing Tee Labs custom maternity T shirts to casual get togethers and pregnant photo shoots.

Ethical Production: 

Tee Labs dedicated to using sustainable and ethical production methods, so your custom maternity T shirts manufactured ethically in addition to being stylish.

High Quality Printing: 

Modern printing methods are employee at Tee Labs to guarantee brilliant colors and durable prints on our personalized pregnancy t shirts. Wash after wash, your pregnancy t shirt will keep its quality and color brightness whether you go for a subtle pattern or a big graphic.

Fast Shipping: 

We know how exciting it is to be pregnant, and our quick shipping guarantees that your custom maternity T shirts will arrive on time so you can enjoy and show off your unique creation.

Why Choose Tee Labs:

Customization Options: 

With the many customization possibilities Tee Labs provides for our custom maternity t shirts, you may make a unique item that expresses your own tastes and style. Select from an assortment of design templates, typefaces, hues, and illustrations to craft a pregnancy t shirt that is entirely personalized.

Quality Materials: 

We are aware of how crucial durability and comfort are, particularly during pregnancy. For this reason, we exclusively utilize the best fabrics while creating our pregnancy T shirts. Our t shirts are construct from supple, breathable materials that put your comfort first and guarantee years of wear.

Wide Range of Designs: 

We at Tee Labs support inclusivity and diversity. We offer a wide variety of designs to suit different preferences and aesthetics, so every soon to be mother can find something they like. You can choose the ideal solution to fit your tastes, from elegant and minimalist patterns to adorable and whimsical images.

User Friendly Platform: 

With Tee Labs, getting started is simple and hassle free. You can easily customize your pregnancy T shirt with our user friendly design platform. Our user friendly tools make customizing easy and fun, regardless of your level of experience as a designer.

Dedicated Customer Support: 

We prioritize our clients demands at Tee Labs. From helping you choose the ideal design to making sure that the ordering and delivery processes run smoothly, our committed staff is here to help you every step of the way. Our goal is to give you the best possible purchasing experience from beginning to end.

How to Get Started:

Select Your Base Design: 

Start by perusing our assortment of pregnancy T shirt designs. Select a basic design that best suits your aesthetic and acts as the cornerstone for your personalization.

Personalize Your T Shirt: 

It is time to add your own touch after you have chosen your foundational design. You may add text, graphics, or images to your pregnancy T shirt using our user friendly design tools. The options are endless: you can use a special design, reveal your baby name, or highlight a heartfelt quote.

Choose Your Size: 

Maternity T shirts should fit comfortably and expand to fit your expanding tummy. To choose the right size for your body type and pregnancy stage, consult our size chart. We provide a variety of sizes so that every soon to be mother can find the ideal fit.

Review and Order: 

Take a time to check your custom maternity T shirts before putting your order. To ensure accuracy, check the design, size, and any other elements twice. After you are happy with what you have created, check out and finish your order. You may be sure that a worry free and smooth transaction will made possible by our secure payment method.

Elevate Your Style With Custom Maternity T Shirts:

With custom maternity t shirts from Tee Labs, you can celebrate the wonder of pregnancy in style. Our customized options, fashionable designs, and comfy fits make our pregnant t shirts the ideal way to embrace your journey to motherhood and show off your individual identity. When it comes to custom maternity t shirts, choose Tee Labs so you may embrace the joys of pregnancy in comfort, style, and confidence.

Qus : What is the meaning of maternity t shirt?

Ans : A maternity T shirt is an item of clothing that has been carefully made to fit the evolving figure of a pregnant lady. Expectant moms can feel stylish and comfortable during their pregnancy with these t shirts, which provide extra room in the abdomen to easily fit a developing belly. Stretchy and breathable materials are frequently used in maternity T shirts to provide enough support while conforming to the changing features of the body. Additionally, to guarantee a flattering fit and plenty of coverage throughout pregnancy, they could use intelligent design elements like ruching, side panels, or longer hemlines.

Qus : What makes maternity t shirts different?

Ans : Unlike ordinary T shirts, maternity T shirts made especially to fit the changing contours of a pregnant woman body. Maternity T shirts, in contrast to regular t shirts, provide more room in the abdomen to comfortably fit an expanding baby. In order to provide enough support and adjust to the body changing shapes, they frequently use breathable and stretchy fabrics. Additionally, to guarantee a flattering fit and plenty of covering throughout pregnancy, maternity T shirts may feature intelligent design elements like ruching, side panels, or longer hemlines. Maternity T shirts are specially designed to accommodate the demands and comfort of pregnant moms, to these unique qualities.

Qus : What is the difference between maternity t shirts and normal t shirts?

Ans : The design and fit of pregnancy T shirts differs significantly from regular T shirts. Maternity t shirts are design with extra room in the abdomen to comfortably fit a developing belly. They are specifically made to fit the changing form of a pregnant woman body. Maternity T shirts, in contrast to regular t shirts, frequently have breathable, flexible materials that provide plenty of support and conform to the changing shape of the body. In order to guarantee a comfortable fit and sufficient coverage throughout pregnancy, maternity T shirts may also feature design features like ruching, side panels, or longer hemlines. Maternity T shirts differ from conventional T shirts in that they are specially made to fulfill the demands and comfort of pregnant women.

Qus : Why are maternity t shirts so expensive?

Ans : For a variety of reasons, maternity t shirts are typically more expensive than standard t shirts. First of all, extra materials and labor are frequently needed during the particular design and construction needed to meet the changing contour of a pregnant woman body. In order to provide comfort and support throughout pregnancy, maternity T shirts are design with extra room in the abdomen and incorporate elements like side panels, ruching, elastic and breathable fabrics, and longer hemlines. Furthermore, maternity wear is a niche market, which could lead to greater production costs than for regular garment lines. Maternity clothes is a specialist product with demand, which can lead to higher prices as producers must make up for their costs while serving a smaller market.

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180 GSM


100% cotton super combed

Fabric Finishing

Fine Jersey Knit,100% cotton super combed






Contrast collar, Arm rib, Pocket /any customizations & Tipping : Min 100pcs

Branding Options

Screen Printing, Embroidery, DTG Printing



Size Chart

maternity size chart pro