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Supima Mercerized 180

180 GSM


Rs.250 Onwards

  • Sizes : S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL
  • Unisex T-Shirts
  • Double Mercerized
  • Bio washed, Compacted Pre-Shrunk
  • Color Fastness Guaranteed
  • Custom Pattern Min 700pcs
    • True Navy
    • White
    • Black
    • Red

For Colors other than shown here we need min 200pcs (+/-10pcs)


Welcome to TeeLabs – Take your business to the next level with Supima Cotton Mercerized T Shirts!

In addition, TeeLabs is proud to present our Supima Cotton Mercerized T Shirts that have set a new benchmark for luxury in everyday wear. Furthermore, our t shirts made from the finest Supima cotton and undergo a mercerization process, giving it softness, durability and style over conventional Supima cotton t shirts.

Elegance of Supima Cotton

Supima Cotton Excellence: First of all, our pursuit of excellence commences with the choice of Supima cotton, renowned for its exceptionally lengthy staple fibers. Additionally, because of its remarkable softness, strength, and resistance to pilling, Supima cotton used to make our t-shirts, which offer excellent levels of comfort and durability.

Breathability and Comfort: Supima cotton’s long fibers contribute to its strength and softness, making it a durable and comfortable option for everyday wear. Moreover, its ability to retain color and shape after multiple washes sets it apart from other cotton fabrics. As a result, our Supima cotton t shirts are a reliable and stylish choice for any wardrobe.

Durability Beyond Compare: Supima cottons longer fibers contribute to the fabrics increased strength and longevity. Not only do our mercerized Supima cotton t shirts feel opulent, but they also hold up over time, keeping their softness and form even after several washes.

Mercerization for Unmatched Elegance

Enhanced Luster and Color Retention: Our Supima Cotton T Shirts given a special treatment called mercerization, which improves their shiny and clear color retention. The procedure strengthens the fibers, producing a fabric that looks opulent and keeps its deep color over time.

Smooth and Silky Finish: Mercerization enhances the feel of our t shirts by giving the cotton a silky, smooth texture. Not only does the smooth surface feel wonderful against your skin, but it also elevates your regular outfit.

Reduced Shrinkage and Wrinkling: Furthermore, mercerization also decreases shrinkage and wrinkles. In addition, it improves dimensional stability. As a result, experience the ease of a precisely tailored t-shirt that keeps its shape. In conclusion, this makes our Supima Cotton Mercerized T-Shirts a useful and fashionable complement to your wardrobe.

Style Meets Versatility

Tailored Fit for Every Body: Our Supima Cotton Mercerized T Shirts feature a tailored fit that complements various body types. We offer styles that effortlessly blend comfort with a sophisticated silhouette.

Classic Colors and Contemporary Hues: Explore our wide color scheme that includes modern and traditional neutrals. Whether you choose classic black or bright colors, our Supima cotton mercerized t shirts help you put together a wardrobe that reflects your own sense of fashion.

Why Choose TeeLabs for Supima Cotton Mercerized T Shirts

Unwavering Commitment to Quality: TeeLabs is committed to excellence in quality. To guarantee that every t shirt is the best possible combination of comfort, durability, and elegance, we carefully select the best Supima cotton and use cutting-edge mercerization procedures.

Customizable Options for Personalized Style: TeeLabs Supima Cotton Mercerized T Shirts are designed keeping in mind that every individual has a unique sense of style. You can choose from a variety of styles and color schemes to create a wardrobe that reflects your personal taste. 

Experience the Ease of Online Shopping: With just a few clicks, you can browse TeeLabs excellent assortment, select your preferred styles and sizes, and place your order for a flawless online shopping experience. Our user-friendly interface, which also makes it simple to deliver the luxury of Subima Cotton Mercerized T Shirts to your home.

Fast and Reliable Shipping for Your Convenience: We recognize that you want to enjoy the elegance of well-chosen t shirts instantly. TeeLabs offers fast and reliable shipping, ensuring your Supima Cotton Mercerized T shirts are delivered on time. You can count on us to deliver not only superior quality, but also a hassle-free, time-honored buying experience.

Dedicated to Sustainable and Ethical Practices: Quality and sustainability are two things that TeeLabs is dedicated to. As evidence of our commitment to moral behavior and environmental awareness, we provide Supima Cotton Mercerized T Shirts.

Responsive Customer Support for Your Satisfaction: TeeLabs is committed to your satisfaction, and our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day. Our dedicated staff is here to help you with your shopping experience with TeeLabs, whether you have questions about our products, need help with sizing, or need support at any time during your purchase, feel free to contact us.

Indulge in Luxury with Supima Cotton Mercerized T Shirts

Explore Our Collection: Explore our selection of Mercerized Supima Cotton T Shirts. Find the ideal color and design to complement your own taste.

Select Your Size: Select the size that best suits your needs. See our sizing guide to find the ideal fit for your body type.

Place Your Order: Once you’ve made your selections, carefully place your online order. Anticipate the release of TeeLabs Supima Cotton Mercerized TShirts, which are the epitome of comfort, elegance, and longevity.

First of all, TeeLabs’ mercerized Supima Cotton T shirts redefine what comfortable and luxurious everyday wear truly means. In addition, TeeLabs is the best option for people looking for the highest level of sophistication because of its unwavering dedication to quality. Furthermore, TeeLabs offers customized possibilities for a unique look and a flawless online purchasing experience. Above all, our premium t shirts are not just a fashion statement but branding options for your business.

Further Queries

Qus : How do I print high quality images on a t shirt?

Ans : Use a professional printing technique, such as heat transfer or Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing, to print high-quality pictures on t shirts. Because DTG printing transfers ink directly onto cloth, it produces images that are vivid and detailed. Moreover, another efficient technique is heat transfer, which involves a heat press and premium transfer paper. Furthermore, speaking with a professional printing company may help you decide which method is best for your particular image and guarantee a clear, long-lasting print on your t shirt.

Qus : How do companies print logos on t shirts?

Ans : Businesses use a variety of printing methods, each with certain benefits, to print their logos on t shirts. A stencil made and ink is pressed through the screen to print on fabric using a popular technique called screen printing.

Qus : How do I find a good t shirt supplier?

Ans : First, start your search for a dependable T shirt provider online by reading customer reviews and studying the business to determine how reliable and high-quality their products are. Additionally, ask for referrals from other companies or contacts in the field; word-of-mouth may be a great asset.

Qus : Can logo printed T shirts be used as a long-term advertising strategy?

Ans : Certainly, T shirts with your brand printed on them can be a successful long-term marketing tactic. In addition, when worn, these wearables serve as walking billboards, continuously showcasing the brand.

Additional information


180 GSM


100% supima cotton combed

Fabric Finishing

Fine jersey, 100% supima cotton combed, Double Mercerized




S, M, L, XL, XXL


Contrast collar, Arm rib, Pocket /any customizations & Tipping : Min 100pcs

Branding Options

Screen Printing, Embroidery, DTG Printing



Size Chart

Mens round neck pro