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Premium 180 Bio Kids

180 GSM


Rs.120 Onwards

  • Bio Washed, Compacted Pre-Shrunk
  • Color Fastness Guaranteed
  • Unisex T-Shirts
  • Sizes : 6 Months To 13 Years
    • True Navy
    • White
    • Lemon
    • Black
    • Red
    • Grey
    • Royal Blue

For Colors other than shown here we need min 50pcs


Welcome to Tee Labs, where our unique selection of childrens personalized t shirts combines comfort and creativity. Our personalized tees mix high quality craftsmanship with configurable elements to offer a unique touch to your child clothing and ensure that they stand out in style. Experience the delight of designing one of kind clothing for your children that captures their character and passions while emphasizing comfort and longevity.

Features of Childrens Personalized T Shirts:

Premium Quality Materials:

Our childrens personalized t shirts are made from high quality materials to provide your kids with the best comfort and longevity. These t shirts are ideal for daily use because of their soft and breathable materials, which will keep your child comfortable all day.

Customization Options:

Explore your creative side with our wide range of customizing possibilities. Customize your child T shirt to match their distinct personality and hobbies, from simply adding their name to selecting from a variety of attractive graphics and illustrations.

Vibrant and Long lasting Prints:

Our Children Personalized T Shirts are guaranteed to have vivid and durable designs to our cutting edge printing technology. The prints guarantee that the pattern lasts for a long time because they do not fade even after several washings.

Wide Variety of Designs:

Discover our wide selection of designs, which includes adorable animals, fun patterns, eye catching images, and cutting edge typography. Choose from a wide range of alternatives to get the ideal design that complements your child style.

Ethically Made:

We place a high value on moral manufacturing procedures, making sure that our kids personalized t shirts are made in an ethical and socially conscious way. You should feel comfortable about dressing your child in fashionable yet moral apparel.

Why Choose Tee Labs:

Expert Craftsmanship:

Tee Labs is proud of its fine craftsmanship. Your kids will be wearing a sturdy and cozy t shirt thanks to our childrens personalized t shirts, which are painstakingly made to the highest quality standards.

Exceptional Quality Assurance:

Every part of our products is made to the highest standards of quality here at Tee Labs. Our kids personalized t shirts go through a strict quality inspection process to make sure they satisfy our high standards for comfort, toughness, and security.

Attention to Detail:

From the printing to the sewing, we pay close attention to even the slightest details. Every childrens personalized t shirts that leaves our factory meets our exacting quality standards because to our dedication to excellence.

Fast and Reliable Shipping:

We know how exciting it is to quickly receive your personalized things. In order to make sure your childrens personalized t shirts arrive at your house on time and are ready for your kids to enjoy, we provide quick and dependable shipping alternatives.

Affordable Pricing:

In addition to maintaining the highest standards of quality for our goods and services, we work hard to keep our prices reasonable and competitive. Take advantage of the advantages of childrens personalized t shirts of the highest caliber without going over budget.

Dedicated Support Team:

Do you require help or have questions? Our experienced staff is there to assist. We are always here to help, whether you need advice throughout the customization process or have questions concerning your order. We are courteous and accommodating.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our goal is to make sure your childrens personalized t shirts purchase is easy and fun from the time you place your order until it is deliver.

How to Get Started:

Select Your Style:

Start by looking through our extensive selection of childrens personalized t shirts design alternatives. Choose design that best suits your child interests and personality, from cheerful designs and customisable wording to cute animal motifs.

Select Your Size and Color:

Choose the size and color of your childrens personalized t shirts after you have decided on design. We have range of sizes to suit kids of different shapes and sizes, so your little one will fit perfectly.


Your child T shirt can be made more unique by adding their name or initials to it. Make changes to the text font, color, and positioning using our easy to use customization tools to make genuinely one of kind and memorable garment.

Review and Confirm:

Make sure everything is proper by reviewing the design and personalization details before completing your transaction. Before completing the checkout process, make sure your child name is spell correctly and confirm the size and color you have chosen.

Place Your Order:

Order the childrens personalized t shirts by going to the checkout once you are happy with the design and modification possibilities. After you follow the instructions to provide your shipping and payment details, your personalized T shirt will be ship out to you quickly!

Enjoy Your Personalized Creation:

Enjoy watching your child face light up as they proudly wear your personalized T shirt after your order arrives. Love the satisfaction of owning specially made item of clothing that captures your child personality, whether it is for regular use, special occasions, or giving to loved ones.

Elevate Your Style With Childrens Personalized T Shirts 

With our Childrens Personalized T Shirts from Tee Labs, you can give your kids the gift of self expression. Our childrens personalized t shirts combine style, comfort, and personalization to make parents and young children happy. Whether they are fans of unicorns, dinosaurs, superheroes, or anything in between, our childrens personalized t shirts let them elegantly display their distinct hobbies and passions. Our t shirts are carefully monogrammed and made from the best materials, so they will become priceless mementos that your child will adore wearing over and over. With Tee Labs, you can let your child creativity come to life as you browse our t shirts today!

Qus : Can I add my child name and favorite design to a T shirt?

Ans : It is true that you may personalize a T shirt with your child name and preferred design to make it uniquely theirs. There are numerous customization choices that let you select from a large selection of fonts, colors, and artwork to add to the T shirt. Adding personalized elements to a T shirt makes it more appealing and truly special for your child to wear. Personalized elements can be anything from their favorite cartoon character, sports team emblem, or a unique design made just for them. It is now simpler than ever to design a unique T shirt that captures your child personality and hobbies thanks to customisable online platforms and printing services.

Qus : What customization options are available for childrens T shirts?

Ans : There are a lot of ways to personalize children’s T shirts so they can wear something that suits their tastes. Common customization options include personalizing the T shirt with their name or initials. In addition, selecting their preferred designs or graphics to be print on it is another option. Furthermore, even adding extra flare with special effects like glitter or metallic accents is a possibility. Moreover, you may also personalize your child T-shirts size and fit to make sure they appear fashionable and comfy. Lastly, you may design an exclusive and customized T shirt that precisely matches your child’s personality and style thanks to the customization platform’s limitless possibilities.

Qus : What are the benefits of buying personalized T shirts for children?

Ans : Purchasing personalized T shirts for kids has several advantages beyond just giving them a one of a kind item. First of all, youngsters can display their interests and originality on personalized T shirts, which promotes self expression and self confidence. Moreover, customized T shirts can be treasure mementos for important events like birthdays, get togethers with family, or school functions, making enduring memories for the youngster and their loved ones. Additionally, customized T shirts come in handy in real world scenarios, as when it comes to quickly recognizing a child’s attire in busy places like daycare or school. All things considered, personalized T shirts offer sentimental and useful value in addition to bringing some fun and individuality to a child’s outfit.

Qus : Are personalized T shirts safe for children to wear?

Ans : Yes, as long as the right materials and printing techniques are utilize, children can wear personalized T shirts safely. Additionally, Selecting premium T shirts made of cozy, safe materials is crucial. In addition, Cotton or blends that are soft and kind to kids skin work well. Furthermore, make sure that child safe, environmentally friendly, and non toxic inks used during the printing process to prevent any possible allergic responses or skin irritations. Moreover, You can offer personalized T shirts for kids that are both fashionable and secure to wear with confidence if you work with reliable manufacturers or custom printing services that put quality and safety first.

Additional information


180 GSM


100% cotton

Fabric Finishing

Fine Jersey Knit, 100% cotton super combed




3-4 Years, 5-6 Years, 7-8 Years, 9-10 Years, 11-12 Years, 13-14 Years


Contrast collar, Arm rib, Pocket /any customizations & Tipping : Min 100pcs

Branding Options

Screen Printing, Embroidery, DTG Printing



Size Chart

kids round neck size chart pro