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Premium 180 Bio Rompers / onesie

180 GSM


Rs.150 Onwards

  • Bio Washed, Compacted Pre-Shrunk
  • Color Fastness Guaranteed
  • Unisex T-Shirts
  • Sizes : 0-6, 6-12
    • True Navy
    • White
    • Red
    • Black
    • Grey
    • Royal Blue
    • Yellow

For Colors other than shown here we need min 50pcs

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Welcome to Tee Labs, our personalized clothing solutions are our specialty and we help you realize your creative thoughts. Explore the Custom Rompers section, our newest line of personalized clothing. Our custom rompers are ideal for every event since they let you show off your individual flair while also being comfortable and adaptable.

Popularity and Fashion Trends:

Because of their stylish yet carefree appeal, rompers have been mainstay of the fashion world in recent years. Rompers are chic replacement for conventional dresses and pieces for every occasion, from major occasions to casual get togethers. Since rompers are staple in every stylish wardrobe, it is no wonder that celebrities and influencers are frequently seen wearing them on social media.

Features Of Custom Rompers:

A variety of features on our personalized rompers are intended to guarantee comfort and style,

Premium Quality Materials:

Our custom rompers are crafted from premium fabrics and provide exceptional comfort and durability. Our carefully chosen fabrics guarantee that your personalized romper will feel amazing against your skin, offering all day comfort and confidence. It also looks amazing.

Customization Options:

With our vast selection of customization options, you may make your own statement. You can add custom artwork or text, or choose your preferred colors the options are unlimited. Our user friendly design tool makes it effortless to realize your idea, whether you are making personalized gift for loved one or designing romper for yourself.

Flattering Fit:

Our custom rompers are made to fit various body types because we recognize that there is no one size fits all. Our rompers thoughtfully positioned seams and adjustable features guarantee cozy and attractive fit that will enhance your appearance and self confidence.

Versatile Styling:

Whether you are dressing up for night out or keeping it casual for day at the beach, our rompers can be styled in countless ways to suit any occasion. Pair them with laid back summer look or dress them up with accessories for more polished ensemble.

Easy Care:

Since life is already hectic enough, our rompers made to be easy to wear and maintain. For easy care, just toss them in the washing machine and tumble dry on low heat. This way, you can spend more time living in your personalized romper and less time doing laundry.

Why Choose Tee Labs:

Quality Craftsmanship:

Here at Tee Labs, we are proud of our meticulous attention to detail and dedication to fine craftsmanship. With the use of quality fabrics and cutting edge printing techniques, each romper is painstakingly made to meet your expectations in terms of finish.

Wide Range of Options:

You may design personalized rompers with Tee Labs that is genuinely unique to you. To build look that expresses your own style and personality, choose from large selection of colors, patterns, and design elements.

Exceptional Customer Service:

Our devoted team of experts is here to assist you at every turn. We dedicated to giving you outstanding customer service that goes above and beyond, from assisting you in designing your custom rompers to responding to any queries you might have.

Fast Turnaround Times:

We provide quick turnaround times for all orders because we know you want your custom romper as soon as possible. Your custom rompers will be at your home quickly thanks to our quick production procedure.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Ensuring your satisfaction is our primary objective. Please let us know if there any reason you are not happy with your personalized rompers, and we’ll work with you to make it right. You may shop with confidence knowing that Tee Labs guarantees your satisfaction.

How to Get Started:

Designing your custom rompers is easy with Tee Labs,

Design Your Romper:

Choose your preferred romper style and size first. Then, utilize our user friendly online design tool to let your imagination go wild and create your own romper. Select from wide range of typefaces, hues, and images to create unique style that precisely matches your preferences.

Personalize Your Design:

To make your romper genuinely distinctive, add custom elements like text, graphics, or logos. Adding unique details guarantees that your romper stands out from the crowd, whether you are making it for your child, or as present for someone child.

Review and Approve:

After you are happy with your design, go over every element one last time to make sure it all looks great. You may see sample of your personalized rompers using our user friendly design tool before you place your order, providing you with the assurance that your design will look precisely as you had imagined.

Place Your Order:

Once your design is complete, just put your personalized romper in your basket and check out. Your transaction is safe and secure to our secure payment gateway. As our staff gets to work creating your personalized romper, you can sit back and relax.

Receive Your Custom Rompers:

Your personalized romper will be sent to your home in matter of days, ready to be worn and enjoyed. Wherever you go, wear romper from Tee Labs to flaunt your individual style.

Elevate Your Child Style With Custom Rompers:

Elevate your outfit with custom rompers from Tee Labs. Whether you want to create unique gift or make fashion statement, our monogrammed rompers are sure to turn heads. Tee Labs is your one stop shop for all things gear because of their high quality fabrics, countless personalization possibilities, and first rate customer support. With Tee Labs, you can unleash your imagination and begin creating your ideal romper right now.

Qus : What are the benefits of choosing custom rompers?

Ans : Selecting personalized rompers has various advantages. First of all, they provide your child clothes special, personalized touch that lets you celebrate special occasions like birthdays or family gatherings or highlight your child individuality. Because they made to your child measurements, custom romper also guarantee flawless fit while providing comfort and flexibility of movement. They can also leave lasting impression on loved ones by acting as unique presents. Additionally, customizable rompers help you exhibit your creativity by letting you choose the colors and patterns as well as include original artwork or words. All things considered, what distinguishes custom romper from store bought alternatives is their ability to combine comfort, style, and individuality.

Qus : Can you add personal photos to custom rompers?

Ans : Yes, you can embellish personalized rompers with your own images. You can upload your own photos or artwork to be print into the romper cloth using lot of customizing options. Because you can select pictures that are particularly meaningful to you and your family, you can create garment that is genuinely one of kind and personalized. Adding personal images to rompers can create unique memory that honors particular moments, whether it is treasure family portrait, vacation that you cannot wait to frame, or darling baby photo. To get the best results, just make sure the photographs you select are suitable for printing and good quality.

Qus : How long does it take to receive custom rompers after ordering?

Ans : The length of time it takes to get personalized rompers after placing an order might vary based on number of variables, including as the customizing procedure, the production schedule, and the delivery option chosen. Custom romper orders usually require processing time after the order placed, during which the garments design is complete and production begins. Depending on the manufacturers workload and the complexity of the modification, this process may take few days to several weeks. The shipping period once the rompers made will vary depending on the destination and the shipping option selected. Clients can choose expedited shipping for quicker arrival time or normal shipment, which typically takes few days to week.

Qus : Can you choose different colors for custom rompers?

Ans : Yes, lot of companies that make custom rompers provide large selection of colors so that clients can customize their outfits to suit their tastes. Customers can usually choose the color of the garments base and any other components, including trim, cuffs, or embellishments, when placing an order for rompers. Because of the personalization options, people may design distinctive and fashionable rompers that go with their personal aesthetic. To further expand on customization options, many providers might also let you mix and match colors. In the end, custom romper color selection guarantees that clients may design unique outfits that showcase their sense of style and uniqueness.

Additional information


180 GSM


100% cotton combed

Fabric Finishing

Fine Jersey Knit, 100% cotton combed




0-5 Months, 6-12 Months


Contrast collar, Arm rib, Pocket /any customizations & Tipping : Min 100pcs

Branding Options

Screen Printing, Embroidery, DTG Printing



Size Chart

rompers size chart pro