Maximum Impact T-Shirt Designs! Print your Logo on Your T-Shirt’s Back, Front, and Sleeve
Get your custom logo T-shirt noticed whether you are coming or going! Print your custom T-shirt designs on both the back and front of your T-shirt or hoody and even the sleeve for maximum design impact.

Think outside the box! At Broken Arrow Wear we can print designs in multiple locations on your T-shirt for a coolness factor that will not only get your shirt noticed, but it make it the go-to shirt for your entire team.

1. Back Shoulder Blades: Placing text to the back of your T-shirt approximately 4 inches below the back of the collar makes it readable from a good distance away.

2. Butt Print: For a little extra fun, and a few more double takes as you walk away, print your custom logo just below the belt line and a few inches above the bottom of the T-shirts for a truly “booty-full” design.

3. Hem Prints: Printing near the bottom left or right front or back are also eye-catching and create a retail designer look.

4. Left Front Chest: To add your logo to the standard left front chest, position your logo 7 and a half inches to 9 inches from the shoulder’s left seam and four to six inches to the left of very center of the shirt.

5. Sleeve: There are many ways to print a T-shirt sleeve, including horizontal and vertical and stacked designs.

6. Sides of Zip Hoody: Depending on the garment you choose, we may also be able to print on each side of a front zipper.

Logos on Tees in Multiple Locations!
Hoods, Side Seams and More. Depending on your design and the chosen garment we may also be able to print on the back of a hood, or even over a T-shirt side seam. Note that the variation in thickness of fabric can alter the look of your design, especially when the fabric is stretched out over your body.